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Goold Soccer Agency

Goold Soccer Agency is involved in representing, selling and consulting football players. The director and owner of the Agecy is Drazan Gilja.

The agency had a lot of success and has been doing business for 20 years throughout many States. During this period, many transfers were made. The majority of it is very successful. Mostly we work alone – directly with the club and sometimes in cooperation with other agencies we closely cooperate with.

Last 7-8 years of work we based on big investments in scouting the world. So we have our scouts in Uruguay, Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Crna Gora and Bosnia and Hercegovina. They follow young players from 15 to 17 years and when they discover a player who meets all of our criteria, we make contact with this player and his parents and we go to a serious project that we have already elaborated to the finest details.

This means that every child we are interested in goes trough many test that shows his character, because we know what will be waiting for him in the future of the professional world football. Child having a “healthy head” as we often say, at that age, must be raised in a “healthy” family and surrounded by a normal society. From our experience, without these traits, there is no success.

And only when we know and analize all this, we offer a contract to a child in collaboration with his parents, of course if they show interest to us, and we are moving with the child’s development project and transfer to one of Europe’s most talented clubs.

Our agency phrase is : Player on the first place !

That we are on the right track and that this mode of work is correct show a lot of successful transfers of the past yeas. We also show the transfers we have made with young players in the last 6-7 years. There are several top transfers, young players as well as the huge trust that many young footballers and their parents and many affirmed players want to work with us. When a player signs a contract with our agency, we take every care of him. The player from that point should be focused only on training and matches. Everything else is ours, from equipment procurement, consultation to solving all the current problems. With almost all the players we have not only a business relationship but also a friendly one. Because without mutual trust and admiration in this business the results can not come. I am glad that with all the players we managed and after the end of their career we remain friends, so today with individual and business co-operation.

We will continue to keep this level of work and do not deviate from our principles, and as a reward for this, there will be many successful transfers to top league in Europe, to the satisfaction of us all, especially footballers.